I Don't Get Twitter!

Twitter is about content not about people

Find a client that works for you: 


Hootsuite (Jeff Recommended)

Find Your Hashtags

Education Hashtags

Educational Hashtags Google Doc

Twitter with students

School hashtag

Visible Tweets




Using Video with Students


Before you leave the conference record a 30 second – 1 minute reflection video

YouTube Editor


Screencastify extension in Chrome

Oh….your phone!

Math Teachers: 

Grade videos not papers, What if students had to turn in a video of doing a problem correctly rather than an entire sheet of work?


Science Teachers:

Science notebook recordings

Social Studies:

Video a conversation about a history event and its impact on students still today

Tour Builder for Literature Circles (4th Grade)

Mystery Skype


Record students reading to themselves to assess voice, pacing, and understanding.

iStop Motion with the Who Am I? Unit of Inquiry (Kindergarten)

Skype an Author


Have students makes videos and .gif images as assessments of form

Animated .gifs in High School PE


Have students talk about their artwork

Bringing the Art Show to Life (MIddle School)

Resources for Finding Creative Commons Media:

Understanding SAMR
Getting Familiar with SAMR:
  • Why use the SAMR Model
  • Putting the SAMR model into perspective
  • Go through some SAMR scenarios
  • Watch teacher implement
  • SAMR in their classroom
  • SAMRerize your own unit
The why and what of SAMR

Mini Presentation

SAMR scenarios

Search Google for a SAMR model that works for you. Discuss at your table why you like that SAMR infographic.

SAMRize Activity


Explore COETAIL and SAMR projects

Make a copy of the Google Doc

Pick a video to watch

In jigsaw groups discuss your video and it’s SAMR components.

Try it for yourself

Make a copy of the Google Doc
Work to SAMRize the unit

Gamifying PD at Your School

Facing the Hard Truth about Educational PD

The Mirage Report

Badges are the future

Step 1: Create a badge to issue to staff




Step 2: Teachers set up a showcase to keep their badges in order


News and Press about Open Badges (from Open Badges)

Getting Social with Students

What the law really says


Marysville School District Social Media Policy

It’s Complicated

Recruiting employees changing


Kids learn to program

1.7 Million jobs go unfilled globally in 2012

Programing as second career

One More Thing:

Thornburg, David. Edutrends 2010: Restructuring, Technology, and the Future of
Education. Starsong Publications, 1992.


  world connected

Why be social?

Examples and Resources

How the Web was Won article

Every Student should have a public blog

Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios PDF


Teacher as connector

The Variables of a boat

Learning with Haley in Bangkok

COETAIL Social Setup

Community of Blogs

Twitter: #coetail

Diigo Group

Google Plus

iTunes Podcast



Art With Foley

Penguin Manufacturing







ISB Athletics


Visible Tweets

Why Social Media Matters


HS Girls Counseling Group


History Collaborative Notes
5th Grade Map Project
5th Grade RSS Pages

Attorney General’s Report on Cyber Predators



Badges are the future



News and Press about Open Badges (from Open Badges)

Leading a Successful 1:1 School/District

Marysville Social Media Policy

Enumclaw School District

Upload a documentary by a student in Marysville

Auburn ATLA Website


Eduro Learning – long term embedded professional development

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