Respecting Them and Their Culture


U.S. Households use an average of 7 connected devices a day. Well on our way to 10 by 2020 regardless of social-economic status.

Generational Communication Channels: 

65+ = Phone, Facebook

35-65 = Email, Facebook, phone

20-35 = Text, Facebook, Email, phone

10-20 = SnapChat for close friends, Instagram for community, text for parents, facebook for public

PEW Research on devices owned in 2015

We have a choice, they don’t

It’s Complicated (PDF, Book, Audible)

Getting back to full employment

Pilotless planes coming soon

Driverless Cars and Pilotless Planes: Our Future

David Thornberg – History of “Students Today”

Getting Social With Students

Why be social?

Reach – Jeff Utecht – FREE Book!

Examples and Resources

How the Web was Won article

Every Student should have a public blog

Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios PDF


Teacher as connector

The Variables of a boat

Learning with Haley in Bangkok

Operation Smile Video

COETAIL Social Setup

Community of Blogs

Twitter: #coetail

Diigo Group

Google Plus

iTunes Podcast






ISB Athletics


Visible Tweets

Why Social Media Matters


HS Girls Counseling Group


History Collaborative Notes
5th Grade Map Project
5th Grade RSS Pages

Four Square

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