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Information Facts

Eric Schmidt

Connectivism Learning Theory

Wikipedia vs Textbooks

The Changing University

Your Time (Video)

Google Apps in Education

Do SAT scores fairly measure academic skills

Millennials Rising

Your Massively Open Offline School is Broken

Online College Students on the Rise

Students Today

Google Search Tips –courtesy of Google

Google for Educators – some great resources

Search Lessons from Jeff
Search Lesson for K-2
Search Lesson for 3-5
Search Lesson for 6-8
Search Lesson for 9-12

Learn some basic search syntax, or use Google Advanced Search

Domain Extensions by Country

Sign Up for Google’s Search Course

Teaching Kids to be Digital Citizens not just Digital Natives

2010 U.S. Report on Blended-Learning Environments

Networked Student (Video)

Stages of Technology Use

Ruben R. Puentedura’s

SAMR Model SAMR Matrix

SAMR Infographic

TRUDACOT (Technology-Rich Unit Design and Classroom Observation Template)

Teachers and Schools

The Networked Teacher

Designing Spaces for effective learning

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