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SSR - Silent Social Reading

We read differently on the Internet. We read in conversation loops as we move down a page and not linear like we do on paper. We are seeing reading stratagies change because reading is changing do to the connectedness of text. Let’s practice one new way of reading called SSR or Silent Social Reading where we read together while engaged in a social dialog.

Students First, Not Stuff

A snapshot of learning innovation
What did you see?
What did you not see?
What questions do you have?

Starting with the Why

We need to know why each of us believes that more technology is the right move for students. We’ll watch the Starting with the Why TED Talk and then do the “Golden Circle” activity and craft our why for Bainbridge Island School District.

SAMR Framework

A quick overview of the SAMR Framework


Find your own SAMR Infographic that works for  you

Practice with SAMR scenarios

SAMRize Activity
Google Doc Template

The Networked Student – Video

Watch/Learn/Discuss SAMR Classrooms
Make a copy of the Google Doc
In Groups pick a video to watch fill out the form and then discuss what you saw.
In jigsaw groups discuss your video and it’s SAMR components.

Further Reading:
Connecitivsm Learning Theory
Heutagogy Approach to Learning

Enumclaw SD – Case Study

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8:30 – 11:30

Information Facts

Eric Schmidt

Connectivism Learning Theory

Wikipedia vs Textbooks

Wikipedia popping up in universitites


A Google A Day

Building Search Understanding

Google Search Tips –courtesy of Google

Google for Educators – some great resources

Search Lessons from Jeff

Search Lesson for K-2

Search Lesson for 3-5

Search Lesson for 6-8

Search Lesson for 9-12

Domain Extensions by Country

Sign Up for Google’s Search Course


15 minute activity


11:30 – 12:30 – Lunch

12:30 – 1:00

Creating a Collaborative Core Text


Chrome Extension

Our textbook
Set up Flipboard on your mobile device

1:00 – 2:00

Google Maps Engine Lite

Where have you been?

Map Engine Lite

2:00 – 3:15


Setting up Gmail Alias Emails

5 Gmail Tips for Teachers


Running your community


Ninja Program

10 reasons to trash Word for Google Docs

Using Google Docs with Kinder to create an iPad book

Classroom Newspaper 3rd Grade

Classroom Newspaper 8th Grade Spanish

History Collaborative Notes

Digital Jigsaw with Draw

Google Doc Story Builder

Google Drive Add-Ons

Scripts/Add-ons used in Education

Script Developers Help Section


Form Emailer

gClass Folders

Organize your classroom with Doctopus and gClass Folders script


Sites as Science Notebooks – Middle School

Sites as textbook / lesson – High School

Class Website



Guide to using Google+


Attorney General’s Report on Cyber Predators



Tuesday Afternoon Attendance url:

Tuesday Course Evaluation url:

Tuesday 12:15 – 3:15

Cane’s Arcade

Operation Smile Video

Information Facts

Eric Schmidt

Connectivism Learning Theory

Wikipedia vs Textbooks

Wikipedia popping up in universities

The Changing University

Your Time (Video)
Google Apps in Education
Do SAT scores fairly measure academic skills
Millennials Rising
Your Massively Open Offline School is Broken
Online College Students on the Rise

We Generation

U of People


Collaboration Circle

Go On Creating

Change Improve


What can HS students contribute to wikipedia?



14 year old creates #1 game in App Store

Kinder’s publish ipad book

Games Around the World


Mars Rover

Student made mashup video on Anorexia

Fair Use Notes for Teachers


Brita Water Filter

Examples of Creation and Sharing

3rd Grade Class Newspaper

8th Grade Spanish Newspaper

5th Grade Map Project

5th Grade RSS Pages

Having a Voice

Operation Smile Video

TOK Blog

Flipping English

Flipping History

Blogging with Students


Other Opportunities to Learn with Jeff


Google Apps for Education Course

Ninja Program

Reach – Jeff Utecht – FREE Book!