Respecting Students and their Culture

U.S. Households use an average of 7 connected devices a day. Well on our way to 10 by 2020 regardless of social-economic status.

PEW Research on devices owned in 2015

We have a choice, they don’t

Last Generation to remember life before the Internet

It’s Complicated

List the communication tools you use personally every day to work and live?

List the communication tools you use for your school communication?

What are the overlaps and where might you need to rethink your communication strategy?

62% of US Adults get their news from a social media platform

Generational Communication Channels: 

65+ = Phone, Facebook

35-65 = Email, Facebook, phone

20-35 = Text, Facebook, Email, phone

10-20 = SnapChat for close friends, Instagram for community, text for parents, facebook for public

Visual Literacy

Deconstructing Images Worksheet

Images to Deconstruct (select your own, or try one of these):


High School

Image-Rich Resources to Explore

Tools and techniques to add text to images:

Additional Resources

Resources for Finding Creative Commons Media:

Resources for Citing Creative Commons Work & adding text

The Complete Guide to
Designing Technology-Rich Units

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