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Respecting Students and Their Culture

Collaborative Notes


It’s Complicated – danah boyd research

How many connected devices are in your home?

2009 Internet Safety Report – Bullying a bigger concern then sexual predators

From Private to Public

Defining Generation Z

Generation Z’s Real Name

Teens and their Social Media

The Future of Work

Grades 6-8

  • Learning about the tech platform
  • What work do I want to collect?
  • What work shows my thinking?

Grade 9

  • How do I make a good video?
  • How do I write a description for a video I have created?
  • How do I write a useful, constructive, public comment?

Grade 10

  • How do I use social media to spread a message
  • How do I use my public and private social media accounts to show who I am and what I’m about
  • How do I use social media to connect with meaningful people

Grade 11-12

  • How do I connect my digital footprint together for others to find easily?
  • How and what do I want to be public and searchable?
  • How can I make connections with professionals in fields I’m interested in via social networks?
  • How can I use connections to prepare for university or the workforce?

Teaching a Media First Generation


Reach – Jeff Utecht – FREE Book!

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2018-19 Districts / Organization Partnerships

Enumclaw School District (4 years) – Case Study
Everett School District (Year 4 of 6 year plan) – Video
Idaho Ed Tech Conference
Marysville School District (4 Years) – Video
NCCE (6 years)
IPDX Confernece
International School Luxembourg (2 years)
Auburn School District (4 years) – Website
Tacoma Public Schools – STEM Conference
Vancouver School District – Admin PD
Whitworth University – MIT Tech Course (4 years)
Washington State Community and Technical Colleges – Keynote
Moses Lake School District – (Year 1 of 4 year plan)
North Central ESD STEM Conference – Keynote
Walla Walla School District – Tech Conference Keynote
Belmond-Klemme Community School District, Iowa – PD Day
Pasco School District – Start of Year Keynote
Ridgefield School District – Start of Year Keynote
Riverview School District – Start of Year Keynote
Richland School District – Parent Night
EARCOS Admin Conference – Indonesia
Global Knowledge Summit – Dubai, UAE – Website
Seattle Public Schools – Board/Admin
Royal School District – (Year 1)
Orting School District – (Year 1)
Union Gap Schools – (Year 1)

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If you are even vaguely interested in keeping your thumb on the pulse of education–this is the book for you. From breaking down the anatomy of a tweet to equipping you with the basic indicators of ‘being connected,’ this text is a user guide for future-ready schools.

The book has something for teachers just ready to dip their toes into the pool of tech-leaning pedagogy as well as those who have been thriving in online spaces for years. The authors consistently push forward an important message: it isn’t the tools, it is all about the intentions.

The extended readings would allow any middle leader to use this text and run a workshop or facilitate a discussion on the go. I’m already tempted to suggest this text for a staff PD book club, and I know the authenticity of the examples would not disappoint.

What I love about the book is that it models ‘voice and choice,’ each chapter, each idea comes with a variety of avenues to pursue–the authors are practicing what they preach. I challenge anyone to finish this book without an abundance of inspiration pushing them to share their copy with a favorite colleague immediately.

Patricia J. Friedman

Technology Integration Coach

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