The next decision of the next chapter of my life has been made. Next year my wife and I will move to Seattle, WA and be based out of there for whatever is next for us.

View from our Condo

It has been 10 years since we lived in the States and we’re excited to go back and reconnect with friends and family as well as live in our condo that we’ve renovated over the past two years. 

I’m still planning on consulting and working on projects that I’ve always wanted time to work on.

If you’re looking for a consultant/presenter/speaker in the U.S. know that my flights just got a lot cheaper starting in June. :)

Seattle will be a great place to be based out of as I’m still only a 10 – 15 hour flight from Asia (Yes…I said only….if it’s not over 20 hours it’s not a long trip). Seattle has a great international airport and direct flights to most of America as well. I can’t think of a better place to base myself out of; Close to family, friends, an International airport, and of course the Mariners

How long are we “coming home” for? That’s a good question. If we look at the data that is my life…..

Since I graduated high school here’s how long I’ve made it in any one place:

Numbers given in years:

2 – Community College
1 – Eastern Washington University
1 – Washington State University
1 – Spokane, WA
2 – Aberdeen, WA
3 – Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
3 – Shanghai, China
4 – Bangkok, Thailand
? – Seattle, WA 

I get itchy feet…plus you never know who will come calling or what “job” will look exciting when and where and have us moving again.

For now I’m excited to consult, speak, write, teach, work on projects that might come my way, and poke the box

Life’s a journey and I’m just traveling it.