Moses Lake School District

Case Study


The Challenge

Our primary “challenge” from the beginning was to “frame” this work as an instructional project, rather than a technology project.  At every opportunity, we have sought to communicate this message with our staff and community.  In addition, we wanted to operate with two major principles in mind:

How do we up the level of instruction and use devices in creative and innovative ways in our classroom?

How do we move beyond using devices to substitute what we have always done and think of ways to re-image learning in the era of every student having the worlds knowledge at their finger tips.

The Solution

Our solution was to create cohorts of teachers that would receive a total of 18 hours of training with Jeff Utecht to rethink teaching and learning when every students has a Chromebook. We created cohorts based on grade-level teams or departments. These teams of roughly 15-20 teachers would be released for a full day of training with Jeff.  These trainings were structured in the following way:

Training 1:

Why must our teaching stratagies change to meet the needs of learners today? What is the SAMR model and how do I apply it to my lesson planning? What is Blended-Learning.

Training 2:

Focus on students as creators and visual literacy. The powerful use of video in the classroom both from a student creation and a teacher creation view point.

Training 3:

Bring our new found knowledge together to focus on creating new authentic purposeful learning experiences for students.


The technology I have brought to my classroom from these trainings has added depth to my instruction. Thank you!


Great Resources, well versed speaker in the content, fresh ideas on how to incorporate tech into the classroom. Well facilitated by MLSD staff, Took something back each time to immediately use in the classroom. Refreshing!


Jeff is knowledgeable, polite, and passionate.


This was by far the most impactful and useful training that I have ever experienced. Other teachers need this amazing support and inspiration. I cannot say enough positive things about this training!


The lesson plan that was built will get utilized immediately.


There is way too much to list about what was great. This was one of the best trainings I have had! I hope we can continue to have him here in Moses Lake.


Loved just about everything! Best Training ever!!!


All aspects of this class were useful. I think that Jeff brought strategies to light that I really have never explored before. We are in a digital world and it is important that we help prepare our students for that. Even though I missed one of the training, I was still able to see the strategies that were discussed during this time. I can’t wait to continue to explore more of the strategies that Jeff presented.

Number of students in the district

Students 1:1 take home

Total devices in the district

Number of PD hours each Cohort receives with Jeff

Working with Jeff

Bringing in a consultant with global experience and understanding of best practices combined with his passion for “this generation” has been an amazing addition to our professional development program. Jeff understands and is able to articulate what the state standards are asking our teachers to do. He combines this knowledge with the SAMR model of technology integration and is able to meet the needs of all levels of our staff.

Working with Jeff

Listen as Jeff chats with Moses Lake Tech Coaches, Monica & Stefan

Number of Influenced Educators

Total Hours of Teacher Training


This was by far the most impactful and useful training that I have ever experienced. Other teachers need this amazing support and inspiration. I cannot say enough positive things about this training!

The Results

Teachers walk away excited with what they’ve learned and quite often are able to apply strategies the very next day. Understanding that “it’s not about the tech” but about good teaching, is quite a relief for many teachers who might be intimidated with keeping up with the speed of technology.

Overview of Moses Lake School District 

Moses Lake School District is a dynamic district that covers over 400 square miles in Grant County and serves 8,700+ students. We proudly educate in 16 schools, comprised of one high school, one technical skill center, three middle schools, and ten elementary schools– with a second high school slated for completion in 2022.

We employ 1100+ professionals dedicated to the development and well-being of our learning community.

Moses Lake School District

Located middle of the state of Washington

1,100 Teachers

Serving 8,700 students

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Engaging the Whole Community

I believe in a whole community approach to raising and educating children. I work with board members, community members, parents and the wider school community to understand the changing nature of teaching and learning in a connected world.

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