Thanks to and PBS who are putting together a short course based on my book Reach. I was excited when they contacted me and asked if they could offer a course. Not sure if anyone will sign up but if you want to learn about building personal learning networks and communities for your own profesional development and are in need of a graduate credit not a bad way to get it.

I’ll be joining at least one session online and will be following this closely to see what people think. I’m just honored they decided the book was good enough to offer a class around.  

Amazing what can happen when you openly share your thoughts and ideas on the web. First you start blogging…then you write a book…crazy world we live in. 


To celebrate this I’ve decided to offer Reach to those of you who have not bought a copy or gotten one of the over 5,000 free copies to date a limited time discount of $2.00 off. If you have already bought a copy I appreciate your support! 

1. Go to the website here

2. Enter the discount code: DT3PXCWH

(CreateSpace is an affiliate)

(If you take the course the book is included)

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