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Visual Literacy

Today’s Slide Show

Common Core in Action: 10 Visual Literacy Strategies

Zero to Eight Children’s Use of Media in America (PDF)

Activity 1

Step 1: Open Deconstructing Images Worksheet

Step 2: Open Tetsu Yushida image

Activity 2: 

Explore some Image-Rich Resources

Tools and techniques to add text to images:

Additional Resources

Resources for Finding Creative Commons Media:

Resources for Citing Creative Commons Work & adding text

Activity 3: 

Presentation Ping Pong

  • Find a Creative Commons image that inspires you

Click here to access the Presentation

As a whole class, create a collaborative presentation.

Goal: create a seamless story presentation where each individual slide is created by
one person (without knowing what everyone else creates). The story is told “on the fly” as slides pop up during the presentation.


  • Each person creates one slide with one image, properly cited
  • As they are created, each person knows that they will speak about one slide, but they won’t know which one
  • Once all slides are created number off so that each person is assigned a slide
  • Give everyone a minute to look at their slide,
    but they might not know what the person before they will say, so don’t give too much time
  • Everyone gets up and stands in a line in their number order
  • Each person speaks about their one slide, creating one seamless story from all of the diverse slides in the presentation

Create a Social Media Card

  1. Open Canva and create a free account
  2. Create a social media card to share about your learning in this session. Must include a free or Creative Commons Image and a few words to put the image into context.
  3. Post your social media image on this Padlet
YouTube Resources

YouTube Genre Mash-up


YouTube 101

  • Searching YouTube for channels and playlists
  • Creating playlists
  • Participant time to search, find and create playlists

Install Screencastify extension in Chrome

Create Types of Screencast

  • Webcam video
  • Webcam of analogue document
  • Voice over slides or simulation
  • Tech tutorial
  • Annotation tools

Screencasting and video resources for exploration

Story Mapping

Google My Maps

Google MyMaps


Teacher Donnie Piercey’s MyMap resources

Example My Maps

Google Earth EDU


Some mapping tools

Google Tour Builder

Google Earth

Google Lit Trips

ArcGIS for Schools – mapping tool


NatGeoInquiry – mapping resources from Nat Geo

Mapping Sites

Historical Map Overlays

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

10 Historical Map Collections


Google MyMaps Challenge

Import this population density data spreadsheet into a MyMap.

(This data came from the World Bank here.)

Play with the settings to display the markers in different ways.

You can get more public data here.

Google My Maps

Where are you from?

Map Engine Lite

Earth Picker

Smarty Pins

Sightseer Newsletter

IB Geography Lesson/Video


If you are even vaguely interested in keeping your thumb on the pulse of education–this is the book for you. From breaking down the anatomy of a tweet to equipping you with the basic indicators of ‘being connected,’ this text is a user guide for future-ready schools.

The book has something for teachers just ready to dip their toes into the pool of tech-leaning pedagogy as well as those who have been thriving in online spaces for years. The authors consistently push forward an important message: it isn’t the tools, it is all about the intentions.

The extended readings would allow any middle leader to use this text and run a workshop or facilitate a discussion on the go. I’m already tempted to suggest this text for a staff PD book club, and I know the authenticity of the examples would not disappoint.

What I love about the book is that it models ‘voice and choice,’ each chapter, each idea comes with a variety of avenues to pursue–the authors are practicing what they preach. I challenge anyone to finish this book without an abundance of inspiration pushing them to share their copy with a favorite colleague immediately.

Patricia J. Friedman

Technology Integration Coach