The Connected Classroom

So You Want to be a YouTuber


Flipgrid Video Reflection

Creating Your YouTube Channel

Exploring the YouTube Creative Studio

Create a Playlist and add videos to it

Upload your first YouTube video

Upload an image to use as your Thumbnail

Add a button to your video

Create and do a Hangout Live Event

Video Creation Exploration
Visual Literacy

Activity 1: Deconstructing Images Worksheet

Images to Deconstruct (select your own, or try one of these):

Image-Rich Resources to Explore

Tools and techniques to add text to images:

Additional Resources

Activity 2: Discuss question prompts


  • What role does media play in kids lives – even before they get to school?
  • How are we using images and media in our classrooms?
  • What skills do you need to understand these two videos?


  • What skills would you need to create something like this?
  • What would you learn in the process of creating a video like this?
  • What could this replace, in terms of a “traditional” text-based assignment?
  • Is the learning in the process of creating or the product you produce?
  • How could you assess something like this?

Resources for Finding Creative Commons Media:

Resources about Creative Commons

Resources for Citing Creative Commons Work & adding text

Presentation Zen Resources:

Tool for presentations that allows use of web pages without leaving the presentation!

Presentation Exploration (COETAIL)

Learning 2 Talks – examples of Ignite presentations

Presentation Ping-Pong

Presentation Ping-Pong Template

  • Find a Creative Commons image that inspires you

In Table Groups:

  • Get into groups of 5 and upload your images to a shared presentation. In your groups, arrange the pictures in order to create a shared story using these pictures

As a whole group:

  • Present your story to the class

Another fun activity: PechaFlickr

Bringing it Together

Example Gifs

Math (Chocolate cut)

Math (Fractions)

Science (Currents)

Literacy (Rhyming Words/Compound Words)

Literacy (Reflections on our work)

Social Studies (Maps)

Languages (Spanish)

PE (Running movements)

Economics (consumer product movement)


Reading (real life readers)

Australia state borders (Geography)

Fashion over decades (History)

Hieroglyphics (History)

Boolean Operators (Search skills)

GIF Presentation

Suggested GIF Tools:

Share your Creation

Share your Gif here

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