Jeff Utecht

“Education is not the preparation for life;

it is life itself” ~ John Dewey

I remember reading this quote for the first time during my elementary education program at Washington State University. I find it just as powerful today as I did as a pre-service teacher. Today I use it to inspire and help educators on their own learning journey of defining what it means to be an educator in today’s globally connected world.

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Teacher brains are being melted today by @jutecht. I hope they use the skills they are learning today in classrooms tomorrow!
– Aaron Maurer


I love leaving PD days wanting to try new stuff in my classroom the next day!    Thanks @jutecht! – Shannan Retter

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Whether it is a one year consultancy or a multi year contract, Eduro Learning’s goal is to change school culture by empowering educators to leverage and build learning experiences in the connected classroom.

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In May 2016 Jeff was named a Top 10 Educator Influencer on Twitter by



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