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Take a look at some of my recent projects.

My Services

A little about what I do.

Keynotes Keynotes

Engage and motivate participants in what is possible in today’s learning landscape.

Consulting Consulting

Work with schools and districts to create a long term technology infrastructure and professional development plan.

Presentations Presentations

A list of presentations that I have given in the past. These are customized to the audience and needs of the school or conference.



What people are saying.

  • Jonathan Wylie

    Build and join a community with other educators and comment on student blogs using hashtag

    - Jonathan Wylie
  • Eric Ewald

    We need to teach our Ss how to read and interpret graphics, images, and videos. Importance of text has been reduced

    - Eric Ewald
  • Miss Konzen

    Learning how to be a modern teacher #edtech #gwaeapd

    - Miss Konzen
  • Workshop Participant

    “Actually dabbling in the ideas being discussed. His perspective on where we are headed was also valuable.”

    - Workshop Participant
  • Conference Participant

    “Jeff Utecht is amazing and very engaging. The practical examples and hands on activities were very valuable.”

    - Conference Participant
  • GrantWood AEA Participant

    “Jeff rocked. We should have him more often. Everything he said related to teaching and could be implementing in any classroom.”

    - GrantWood AEA Participant
  • GrantWood AEA Participant

    “Jeff Utecht was amazing! 2.5 hours was not enough – I could have listened to him all day.”

    - GrantWood AEA Participant
  • Aaron Maurer

    Teacher brains are being melted today by @jutecht. I hope they use the skills they are learning today in classrooms tomorrow!

    - Aaron Maurer
  • Shannan Retter

    I love leaving PD days wanting to try new stuff in my classroom the next day! Thanks @jutecht!

    - Shannan Retter
  • Laurie Heikkila

    A must read for any educator. Two thumbs up.
    We hope to offer a book discussion on this book.

    - Laurie Heikkila