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Over the past 10 years, I have worked with schools and districts both here in the United States as well as Internationally. My main focus is to provide support in redefining the Teaching and Learning culture to match the connected landscape we now live, work and play in. Technology is impacting every part of our lives and we are educating a generation that is different. They expect learning to be different, they expect learning to match the connected culture we now live in. Working together, we take a deep look at how we prepare students today for their future, not our past.

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I partner with organizations in helping to understand the changing nature of learning by working together in long-term, embedded professional development that prepares us all for our future, not our past.

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Whether looking for something for your upcoming conference or a motivating start of the year talk, I love to engage educators and excite people in their thinking about how technology is affecting our lives today and the current generation in our schools.

Conferences with Jeff Utecht


From one-hour sessions to full-day pre-conference workshops, I have presented at numerous conferences around the world. Having run my own conferences and weekend workshops as well, I understand the intricacies of making an event successful and meaningful for all participants.

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Professional Development

Through my company, Shifting Schools, I offer both one-day professional development sessions as well as long-term contracts with organizations. Collaboration is critical as it allows me to tailor my trainings to meet the specific needs of each organization in authentic and purposeful ways.

What people say about working with me …


Teacher brains are being melted today by @jutecht. I hope they use the skills they are learning today in classrooms tomorrow



I love leaving PD days wanting to try new stuff in my classroom the next day!    Thanks @jutecht! 



Never leave a Jeff Utecht session disappointed. Always energizing and thought-provoking. Thanks Jeff!! #APDX18



Which tech skills are we teaching that are already or soon will be obsolete? Which *aren’t* we teaching because we don’t realize they are important? Thanks to @jutecht for getting me thinking about this! 



“We are all responsible to raise good citizens. That has never changed.” Amazing truth being preached by @jutecht at the Supporting Your Parent Community Through the Digital Shift session. #NCCE18



Good stuff from @jutecht on Wikipedia in schools! “The only encyclopedias our kids have ever known” #ipdx18 #proudtobehsd


Case Studies

Delve a little deeper into two long-term projects of professional development undertaken by Enumclaw School District and Moses Lake School District.

keynotes by Jeff Utecht

“The results of this project, so far, have been simply incredible. Every professional development opportunity with Jeff in our system has been inspiring, challenging, and instrumental in influencing positive change for learning. Our staff members in the original CCT group have created a huge “ripple” across our schools, as a result of this work. The examples of student learning work that have come out, as a result of our learning times with Jeff, are excellent examples of what we hope to see spread across our entire system. Students are challenged, motivated, and re-energized about learning as a result of this project.”

Conferences with Jeff Utecht

“Teachers walk away excited with what they’ve learned and quite often are able to apply strategies the very next day.  Understanding that “it’s not about the tech” but about good teaching, is quite a relief for many teachers who might be intimidated with keeping up with the speed of technology. Bringing in a consultant with global experience and understanding of best practices combined with his passion for “this generation” has been an amazing addition to our professional development program.  Jeff understands and is able to articulate what the state standards are asking our teachers to do. He combines this knowledge with the SAMR model of technology integration and is able to meet the needs of all levels of our staff.”

Shifting our Schools

My weekly podcast covering a wide range of educational topics but always focused on ways to shift our schools to be relevant to today’s learner.

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Microsoft’s Teaching Happiness Webinar

Microsoft invited me up to Redmond, WA to sit down and have a conversation with Frank Chiappone about cell phone use in the classroom and other thoughts on education.

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Started in 2015, my blog, The Thinking Stick is rated as one of the top educational technology blogs and has over 1000 blog posts showing my own thinking through the years.


Shifting Schools

Specializing in Virtual/Face-to-Face, Self-paced/Blended Learning Professional Learning Pathways

If research tells us that teachers are the number one factor for improving student achievement, isn’t it time to rethink the way we engage teachers in professional development?

If PD did little to prepare us for the last crisis, isn’t now the time to ask ourselves what more we can do to prepare for the next shift?

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