A New Learning Landscape

Information is being created at an amazing pace. How do we use this in the classroom?  What changes are needed in the ways teachers deliver information as well as the way students consume it?

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Stages of Technology Use

SAMR Matrix

Tech Generations

My Thoughts

Who’s That Texting Your Kids in Class 66% of the Time? Parents

Free Mosquito Ringtones

Content Overload vs. Filter Failure:

What are the skills needed by students to be successful in a fast-paced, changing world?

Google A Day
Google Search Posters
Sweet Search
Google Reader
Google News

Search Lesson for K-2
Search Lesson for 3-5
Search Lesson for 6-8
Search Lesson for 9-12

Power Search Course by Google

Google Apps Course by Jeff

15 Minute Activity


Bloom’s Revised HOTS for Technology

Technology is more than a tool

Reverse Instruction:

Collaborative Notes





5th Grade Environment Project

Google Reader in Plain English

Teacher as Connector

Reach – Jeff Utecht – FREE Book!

The Networked Teacher

The Variables of a Boat (Learning with Haley in Bangkok)

Internet Privacy – Writing something that matters

Operation Smile Video

Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios – Free PDF

COETAIL Program – New Cohort Starting in January


Links and Resources from Presentation

Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation
The Next Tech Generations
Cell Phone Activations Hit 5 Billion Worldwide
Six Spaces of Social Media
New Words Added to Oxford Dictionary
What Google and Facebook are hiding
Country Domain Extensions
Technology as a skill not a tool