jefftedxI love a good keynote. Who doesn’t? The problem is the keynote has evolved over the years to mean something different. No longer is a keynote about giving content but rather about telling a compelling story. I wrote a blog post about the evolution of the lecture which pretty much sums up my thoughts on what a keynote should be and what I strive to bring to the audience every time I get the opportunity to do so.



  • 10/13 Learning 2.013 ~ Singapore
  • 10/13 ITEC Conference ~ Des Moines, Iowa
  • 10/13 ISTurin ~ Turin, Italy
  • 04/13 NETA ~ Omaha, NE
  • 10/12: Learning 2.012 ~ Beijing, China
  • 09/12: Europe 1:1 Conference ~ Frankfurt, Germany
  • 07/12: Google Summit ~ Lincoln, NE
  • 10/11: AISNSW Admin Conference ~ Sydney, Australia

complete history here