In May I noticed I was being asked to hold more and more trainings at my own school and around the world on Google Apps as schools make the move to Google Apps for Education (GAFE). It’s simple, cost effective, and just so vaulable of a resource to have school wide that making the argument not to go to GAFE is a tough one. 

Seeing I was being asked to do more and more training sessions I thought I better make sure I know what I think I know about the whole Google Apps system. So I signed up, passed, and just became a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer making me an official trainer and, from what I can tell, maybe the only one working in Asia.

So if your school/company is looking for some training in Google Apps know I’m here and officially certified.  

That’s it….now back to runninng PD sessions as kids arrive on Monday for the new school year and we have a lot to cover. :)