The hardest part about telling your story is deciding where to begin. Where did the learning start? Or the more popular question “How did you get into technology?” The answer is I don’t really know. It just happened. The map of my journey can tell the story better than I can. What the map doesn’t tell you is that when I was 21, I set a goal for myself to be a principal of a school before I was 30. I’m not sure exactly why I set that goal for myself or why age was so important to me. I had my Master’s Degree by the time I was 27 and finished my administrative certification by the time I was 28. I was on track, I was focused. I then started blogging. For the rest of the story, I point you to The Thinking Stick. I’m still interested in administration but more interested in leadership and how I, one person, can help educators prepare students for an unknown future.