The hardest part about telling your story is deciding where to begin.


Where did the learning start? Or the more popular question“How did you get into technology?” The answer is I don’t really know. It just happened. When I was 21, I set a goal for myself to be a principal of a school before I was 30. Both of my parents were in education and my mom was a principal. I saw the impact she was having on education and wanted to do the same. In my second year of teaching, I applied for a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant called the Technology Leadership Project, and was awarded 7 computers for my 4th grade classroom. This gave me a ratio of 1 computer for every 4 students. It was a lot of fun, and we did a lot of creative learning. I was also given an LCD projector which at the time was the first one in the building. After that year, my wife and I decided to move overseas and start teaching at International Schools. I kept to my goal timeline and finished my Master’s Degree by the time I was 27 and finished my administrative certification by the time I was 28. I was on track, I was focused. I took over as the Technology Director for the school I was at in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia as part of my first administrative role. I am very proud to say that in that year we rolled out one of the first 1 to 1 programs. It was a Palm Pilot T5 program for our seniors! The following year we moved to Shanghai, China where I was the elementary technology teacher in a lab. That is where I set up my first blog and started blogging. At the age of 29, I had the opportunity to become a vice-principal. After some serious soul searching, I decided my passion was not, in the end, leading me towards a principalship. For the rest of the story, I point you to The Thinking Stick.

Where I’ll Be

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Principal Certification
Washington State University
Certification: K-12
August 2004

MS Curriculum and Instruction
Capella University
Focus on Technology
March 2004​​​

BA in Elementary Education
Washington State University
Certification: K-8 Elementar Education
May 1999
Eduro Learning Inc
Founder and CEO
Founded in 2014

Co-Founder and COO
Founded in 2012

Learning2 Conference Inc
Co-Founder and Technology Director
Non For Profit 501(c)3 Status
Founded in 2009
University Teaching

Eduro Learning INC
SUNY Buffalo State of New York
2014 - Present

SUNY Buffalo State of New York
2009 - Present

Whitworth University
EDM535 Technology in Education MIT program
2014 - Present

Plymouth State University
Technology in Education
2007 - 2009

K-12 Work Experience

Substitute Teacher
Seattle Public Schools
2015 - Present

Technology & Learning Coordinator
International School Bangkok, Thailand
2008 - 20012

Technology Resource Facilitator
Shanghai American School, China
2007 - 2008

K-12 Technology Specialist
Shanghai American School, China
2006 - 2007

Elementary & Middle School Technology Teacher
Shanghai American School, China
2005 - 2007

IT Director
Yanbu International School, Saudi Arabia
2004 -2005

5th Grade Teacher
Yanbu International School, Saudi Arabia
2003 -2004

6th Grade Teacher
Yanbu International School, Saudi Arabia
2002 - 2003

4th Grade Teacher
Robert Gray Elementary, Aberdeen, WA
2000 - 2002

4th Grade Teacher
Ponderosa Elementary, Spokane, WA
1999 - 2001

Honors, Awards & Certifications

Teacher Leadership Project Grant
Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was one of 1,000 Washington State teachers to receive over 75 hours of training on successfully implementing technology into the classroom 

Apple Distinguished Educator
Class of 2010 Apple Inc. Apple Distinguished Educator program in Asia. Work with teachers, administrators and other Apple Distinguished Educators around the world.

Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer
In 2011 completed the Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer program

Google Power Searching Class
In 2012 completed the “Power Searching with Google” course 

AETC - 2015
AISNSW - 2015
Sydney STEM - 2015
LHRIC - 2015
MicroK12 Techfest - 2014
Learning2 Asia - 2014
Learning 2 Africa - 2014
Florida Independent Schools - 2014
AETC - 2014
Jeju Conference -2014
ESD101 - 2014
Idaho Tech Conf. - 2014


Eduro Learning Seattle Institute - 2015
​EARCOS Teachers - 2015
​NCCE - 2015
​ASLondon Learning Institute - 2014
AASSA Conference - 2014
NCCE - 2014

School-Based PD

Lake Stevens SD - 2015
Enumclaw SD - 2015
Great Prairie AEA - 2015
Frankfurt International School - 2015
International School Zug - 2015
NPPSD - 2014
Grantwood AEA - 2014
ESD105 - 2014
Bainbridge SD - 2014
Snoqualmie Valley SD - 2014
Beaufort SD - 2014
Prairie Pride SD - 2014
Auburn SD - 2014
Chief Kitsap Academy - 2014
Mississippi Bend AEA - 2014
ISG Saudi Arabia - 2014
Gonzaga MIT - 2014